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LaShakia Moore: Trailblazing Leader 



Dorothalene Bradley, affectionately known as Dot, was born on November 30, 1956, in Hollywood, FL, nestled into a vibrant family of six children to Leroy and Julia Green. Growing up in Hallandale Beach, FL, Dot's childhood was shaped by a loving family environment, where she learned the values of resilience and compassion.

Dot's journey took a significant turn when she became the first member of her family to pursue higher education. She graduated from South Broward High School and embarked on a transformative academic path at Florida State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitative Services. Dot's thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a master's degree in divinity from Newburgh Theological Seminary, fueling her passion for spirituality and community service.

Beyond academia, Dot found solace and joy in various hobbies and interests. From drawing, a skill she shared with her siblings, to sewing, a craft passed down by her mother, Dot's creative spirit thrived. Tennis became her sport of choice, while her fascination with the Spanish language opened doors to new cultural horizons.

I desire to help others to see their self-worth and value. I want to create a path that leaves a trail that others can follow and flourish.

Currently, Dot serves as the Executive Director of New Hope Human Services (NHHS), where she oversees program operations, secures funding, and spearheads community initiatives. Her career spans diverse roles, from serving with the state of Florida's Probation & Parole and Department of Juvenile Justice to founding ABC Daycare & Preschool, a testament to her commitment to uplifting communities.

As a devoted member of the Deltona, Debary & Orange City Rotary and a licensed Minister at New Hope Church, Dot's dedication to community advocacy and spiritual enrichment knows no bounds. She champions the cause of affordable housing and empowers individuals to recognize their inherent worth and potential.

Dot's journey is a testament to faith, resilience, and the power of community. Despite facing socio-economic challenges, she embraced the belief that with faith and determination, one can defy expectations and create meaningful change. Her life's mantra echoes a message of trust in divine plans and a commitment to leaving behind a legacy of empowerment and hope.

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Daytona Beach, FL 32119

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