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Kaleb Black: A Journey

of Passion and Giving



Kaleb Black, born on June 16, 2012, in sunny Daytona Beach, is a young individual with a world of potential. He comes from a loving family with two brothers,  Jayce and Jaxon, who serve as his companions in life's adventures. Currently, Kaleb is a diligent 6th-grade student, with a passion for both his education and various interests that have made him a standout among his peers.


Kaleb's diverse range of hobbies and interests is truly remarkable. He is a gifted musician, skilled in playing various instruments and blessed with a beautiful singing voice. On the court, he finds joy in playing basketball, displaying his dedication and teamwork. Kaleb also values the opportunity to serve his community, engaging in ministering activities that reflect his compassionate and caring nature. Furthermore, his artistic talents shine through in his love for art, providing an outlet for his creativity.


While Kaleb may not have a formal occupation at his age, he has already achieved recognition for his musical talents. His participation in the all-county choir showcases his dedication and commitment to honing his skills in the world of music.

Every day is a challenge in this world, I just continue going with a positive mind set and a smile!

Looking toward the future, Kaleb aspires to be a surgeon and a singer, driven by a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. His personal values, encapsulated by the motto "Keep going and never give up," are a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of life's challenges.


Beyond his own aspirations, Kaleb is actively involved in his community through a project called "Rolling with K." Through this initiative, he provides rolling suitcases to the homeless, offering them a glimmer of hope and support in their time of need. It's a testament to Kaleb's compassionate spirit and desire to make a difference in the lives of others.


In his spare time, Kaleb continues to expand his horizons by learning different languages, showcasing his intellectual curiosity and dedication to self-improvement.


Kaleb Black is a remarkable young individual with a bright future ahead. His commitment to education, passion for music, and unwavering dedication to his community illustrate his potential to inspire and create positive change. With his warm heart, boundless enthusiasm, and unshakable determination, Kaleb is undoubtedly a source of inspiration to those who have the privilege of knowing him. Kaleb expresses his gratitude to God for the experiences that have shaped his life, and he continues to look forward to a future filled with endless possibilities.

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