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Help shape the 2025 Photography Exhibition

Submit your nominations now! When considering individuals who embody role models or leaders in the community, or simply exude greatness in their daily lives, who comes to mind first? Here's your chance to contribute to the selection of featured personalities for next year's Cultuvue Photography Exhibition 2025. Take the opportunity to nominate African Americans who are dedicated to making a positive impact within their respective spheres of influence.

The deadline for nominations is April 15th. Feel free to nominate multiple individuals; in fact, we encourage it! While not all nominees will be chosen, you can enhance their chances by encouraging your friends and family to nominate them as well.

Cultuvue Photography Exhibition portraiture show curate culture cultivate Art Show Display Exhibit Museum Daytona Beach Florida


The Answers You Need

That's an excellent question. You have the opportunity to nominate an African American individual, from elementary students to adults, regardless of gender, residing in the Central Florida region. When making a nomination, please be ready to provide reasons why the nominee deserves recognition, whether it's their community engagement, lifetime contributions, historical significance, or special accolades. It's important that the nominee is presently living and available to take part in a portrait session.

Who can I nominate?

Another great question. You can submit as many nominees as you would like. Please be advised that when submitting a minor, you have to include the name and contact for a guardian.

How many individuals can I nominate?

You're asking fantastic questions. After the nomination period concludes on April 15th, the Cultuvue Photography Exhibition planning committee will review all submissions for potential inclusion in the exhibit. Selected nominees will be contacted to arrange a portrait session.

What happens after I submit my nomination?

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