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Rakayla Hill: A Student Athlete's Journey in Basketball and Beyond



Rakayla Hill, born on September 9, 2005, in Deland, FL, is a dynamic individual with a passion for both sports and community engagement. Hailing from the Hill family, Rakayla is the proud sibling of three brothers. As a student-athlete, she has excelled in her educational pursuits while also making a mark in the world of sports.

Rakayla's journey in education revolves around her role as a student-athlete, showcasing her dedication to both academics and sports. Currently engaged in pursuing her dreams, Rakayla has found joy and fulfillment in playing basketball and flag football, earning her the title of JV MVP – a testament to her athletic prowess.

Actively involved in the Joe Hearn Events community, Rakayla has become part of a professional association that aligns with her interests and aspirations. Looking ahead, her career goals include pursuing college basketball and exploring avenues in real estate or sports management post-graduation.

I am a twin.

Beyond her academic and athletic pursuits, Rakayla remains deeply committed to her values and philosophy, anchored in the principles of basketball and the pursuit of graduation. She has faced and overcome challenges, such as finding her voice on the basketball court, paralleling her journey of speaking up, and taking control in various aspects of life.

In addition to her personal and professional endeavors, Rakayla is actively involved in community service. From distributing food to the elderly to working at events and summer jobs, she exemplifies a commitment to making a positive impact in her community.

A fun and quirky side to Rakayla is her love for humor, food, and the joy she finds in playing basketball with utmost passion. As a twin, Rakayla brings a unique and special aspect to her identity. In essence, she embodies a well-rounded individual with a bright future ahead, driven by her love for sports, community, and personal growth.

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