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Shauntel Clarke: A Journey of Passion and Resilience



Born in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 17, 1994, Shauntel Clarke is a vibrant individual with a deep passion for aviation, education, and community engagement. The younger sister of Kamal and Kouri Clarke, born to Yvonne and Michael Clarke, Shauntel's educational odyssey led her to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), where she earned a Master of Science in Aviation. Prior to this, she achieved a Bachelor of Science with a double major from the University of West Indies, Mona.

Beyond academia, Shauntel is a niche perfume collector, an olfactory enthusiast, and a lover of science fiction and folklore. As a Graduate Assistant at ERAU, she supervises and develops a team, manages digital platforms, and promotes residential student experiences.

Shauntel's career highlights include being the former Vice President of the ERAU WAI Chapter, creator of "Conscious Seconds," and a diverse career in teaching and marketing. She is a member of professional associations, including the National Business Aviation Association and Women in Aviation International. Looking forward, Shauntel aspires to be an expert in balancing efficiency and sustainability in airport development.

Being successful starts in the mind. Conquer your thoughts first, and you'll always win.

During the pandemic's toughest times, Shauntel found herself in Spain, eagerly anticipating her Master's degree journey in Berlin, Germany. However, the thrill faded as the health crisis tightened its grip on her income, a part of which she diligently saved for her academic pursuit. Faced with financial constraints, the realization dawned that her dream might slip away. A friend, sharing the tale of his alma mater, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, prompted her to explore this avenue. Initially indifferent, Shauntel delved into it during the tranquil moments of the pandemic and decided to apply for the Master's program. Aware of dwindling funds, she pondered the available resources for a move halfway across the world, uncertain if she could afford her current school. To her astonishment, she was accepted, prompting a bold decision. Shauntel quit her job, emptied her modest bank account, and secured a one-way ticket. The ensuing journey became history, teaching her invaluable lessons about courage and preparation. Through this leap of faith, she discovered that, regardless of challenges, faith and courage yield rewarding outcomes.


In the community, Shauntel supports the on-campus food pantry and volunteers to address food shortages in local shelters. A fun fact reveals her passion for vintage perfumes, connecting her to her father and strengthening family bonds.

In her journey, Shauntel's message is clear: "Being successful starts in the mind. Conquer your thoughts first, and you'll always win." Her story embodies resilience, courage, and determination on the path to success.


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