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Zende Magloire - Embracing Diverse Paths



Zende Magloire, born on January 5, 2002, in Dominica, grew up as an only child with both parents. Despite being raised in St. Kitts, annual visits to Dominica nurtured a profound love for the country and its culture. Zende attended the Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Basseterre, St. Kitts, excelling in studies and graduating as the salutatorian. Pursuing a cybersecurity major and health science minor at Stetson University, Zende is passionate about various activities, including crocheting, track, modeling, and exploring YouTube.

At Stetson University, Zende holds two on-campus roles. In Stetson Broadcast Productions for ESPN, they serve as the timeout coordinator and support sports announcers, showcasing multitasking abilities. At the IT Help Desk, Zende aids faculty, staff, and students in resolving IT issues, and optimizing technology accessibility. A significant career milestone was an internship at the Trading and Development Company, enhancing cybersecurity skills and influencing the current senior research project on revolutionizing cybersecurity awareness.

Zende's extracurricular achievements include founding and leading the Stetson Striders, a thriving track club, and serving as the Secretary for the Stetson ColorStack chapter, promoting diversity and inclusivity in technology. Dean's List recognition twice and a commitment to empowering underrepresented backgrounds in technology highlight Zende's dedication.

Let's embrace our unique stories, draw inspiration from each other's journeys, and remember: in the blending of our passions lies the true essence of our success.

Balancing aspirations in cybersecurity and modeling, Zende envisions excelling in both fields for personal fulfillment and professional success. Guided by core values of resilience, integrity, continuous growth, and Christian faith, Zende overcame challenges, including establishing the track club with minimal support, emphasizing the power of determination and commitment.

Creating a track club with little help was a big challenge for Zende. It wasn't easy at first because not many people supported the idea. Zende didn't give up and faced the challenge with strong determination. Even though it seemed tough without much support, Zende believed in the club's vision. Zende started by talking to people who loved track like they did and slowly built a small team of friends who shared the same passion. They worked hard on their goals, telling everyone in the community about the club and why it mattered.

Going through this tough time taught Zende important things. It showed that sticking to the goals and not giving up, even when things are tough, is really important. Zende learned how teamwork, thinking on your feet, and talking well with others are crucial in getting support for something you care about. This experience made Zende understand that challenges are a part of growing and being successful. It made them believe even more in being determined and staying true to their goals, even when things are difficult.

Actively involved in community initiatives, Zende organizes charity walks, volunteers at meets, and supports ColorStack Chapter initiatives. Fun facts about Zende include a background in dance, racing since learning to walk, performing songs in American Sign Language, and a passion for caring for babies.

In conclusion, Zende Magloire's journey encapsulates the beauty of embracing diverse passions, emphasizing the uniqueness of individual paths. Their story inspires others to celebrate diversity, draw inspiration from various journeys, and recognize that the blending of passions contributes to the essence of success.


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