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Amari Langford: Rising Star



Amari Langford was born on August 5, 2009, in the vibrant state of Louisiana, where her journey in life began. Her family, a tight-knit unit, includes her parents, a younger sister, and herself. Her father serves as a Correction Officer, and her mother dedicates her efforts to the field of Social Work. Although they originate from Louisiana, they have called Florida their home for the past decade. Amari's parents have been unwavering pillars of support throughout her academic and athletic pursuits, instilling in her the values of hard work and perseverance. Her younger sister looks up to Amari as a role model, and their close bond is evident in their shared activities, from movie nights to traveling for Amari's competitions, whether they're in nearby Daytona Beach or as far as Aiken, South Carolina.


Amari currently attends Hinson Middle School, where she is in the 8th grade. She is actively involved in her school community, holding a leadership role at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and being a member of the Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA).


Amari presently holds the prestigious title of Teen Majorette Queen 2023. This achievement adds to her impressive list of accolades, as she was the Pre-Teen Majorette Queen of 2022, crowned by Drum Majorettes of America.

My parents have always been supportive of my academic and athletic pursuits and have encouraged me to pursue my interests.

Amari is a member of the Encore Baton and Dance Studio, where she continues to refine her skills and foster her love for performance arts. As for her future, Amari's career goals and personal aspirations remain a blank canvas for now. Her journey is still in its early stages, with endless possibilities and opportunities awaiting her.


While Amari's career is taking shape, she remains grounded in her personal values and philosophy, yet to be unveiled to the world. Challenges and obstacles are an inevitable part of life, and Amari is no stranger to them. She has and is continuing to overcome hurdles on her path to success, but each experience only continues to strengthened her resolve and determination.


When Amari is not immersed in her studies or school activities, she enjoys pursuing her hobbies and interests. One of her primary passions is majorette, which she practices with dedication. She also loves exploring various dance genres and is known to groove to the beat. On the sporting front, volleyball is another avenue where Amari showcases her talent. Moreover, Amari and her sister indulge in their creativity by inventing different routines together.


Amari values community involvement and volunteers in various activities, contributing her time and effort to make a positive impact in her local community.

In the spirit of fun and uniqueness, Amari has a collection of intriguing fun facts that are sure to surprise those who know her.


In conclusion, Amari Langford is a rising star with a heart full of passion for majorette and a family that stands by her side. Her achievements and titles reflect her dedication and hard work, and her journey is filled with promise and potential as she explores the limitless possibilities ahead.


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