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Celine Jose - A Harmonious Journey of Resilience and Service



Celine Jose, born on September 20, 2002, in Miami, FL, is a vibrant individual with a rich cultural heritage. Her family hails from Haiti, and although they immigrated to the United States when her parents were young, Celine has always embraced her Haitian roots. Growing up surrounded by the warmth of her extended family, including parents, cousins, an older brother, and a little sister, she cherishes the traditions of her heritage, from the lively music to the flavorful cuisine.

Currently in her third year of undergraduate studies at Stetson University, Celine is pursuing a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology on a pre-medical track. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is deeply involved in the arts. From dancing and singing to acting and public speaking, Celine finds joy in expressing the human experience. A particularly cherished hobby is playing the ukulele, a skill she developed during a period of recovery from a major procedure. She later used this talent to provide music therapy for other children and families facing health challenges.

In her role as an undergraduate student, Celine has achieved notable success. She serves as the president of two organizations and holds leadership positions in several others, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence, community service, and social engagement. One significant milestone was her recognition as a top leader for intellectual development by her community.

Motivated by her personal experience as a former Sickle Cell patient, Celine aspires to contribute to the field of medical research. Her goal is to find accessible long-term solutions for Sickle Cell Disease while advocating for health equity among disenfranchised groups. As a member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society, she is actively working towards this vision.

Let your light shine. Let it shine bright.

Celine's life philosophy is grounded in her faith, encapsulated by the verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). Her miraculous journey from illness to thriving health has instilled in her a deep sense of gratitude, humility, and thankfulness.

Growing up, Celine knew she was different, not in how she looked or talked, but in a way others couldn't see. Her body coded amino acids differently because she had Sickle-cell anemia, and this changed everything. She faced constant pain, long stays in the hospital, and challenges in her social life. Sickle-cell anemia also made school tough, causing her to miss half the year. Some teachers weren't understanding, and the work kept piling up. One teacher even said she wouldn't succeed in higher education because of her condition, crushing her dreams. However, Celine's parents never gave up on her dreams. They supported her in ways that seemed unusual to many. Instead of making her a victim, they reminded her that her disease didn't define her. With their encouragement, she stayed strong. Celine learned she had to work extra hard, but, most importantly, she learned to believe in herself and claim the spaces meant for her. Having a strong support system, especially her parents, made overcoming challenges possible in her life.

Actively engaged in her community, Celine serves as an ambassador for the Ukulele Kids Club, providing music therapy for children with health conditions. Additionally, she is the Discipleship Coordinator for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the president of the Honor System Council at Stetson University, showcasing her commitment to music, faith, and academic integrity.

In addition to her many achievements, Celine possesses a fun and quirky talent—she can create a song out of almost anything, adding a unique and creative touch to her personality. Her parting message is simple yet powerful: "Let your light shine. Let it shine bright."

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