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Roderick Anthony III's




Roderick Anthony III, born on April 16, 2014, in lively Daytona Beach, is a young and resilient soul who conquered significant challenges to stand as a beacon of determination and support. His family, including parents Destiny Anthony and Roderick Anthony II, along with sister Noelle, has been the unyielding pillar of strength in his life.

In the halls of Westside Elementary, Roderick, a thriving fourth-grader, is making strides in his educational journey. Beyond textbooks, he crafts intricate Lego masterpieces, delves into the Nintendo universe, loses himself in the magic of books, and enthusiastically swings a tennis racket.

A graduate of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at the end of third grade, Roderick's success is a tribute to his resilience and the overwhelming support from family, teachers, and the community. As a lively member of the Westside Elementary Band Club, his contagious enthusiasm permeates all his pursuits.

Autism doesn't define me; I define autism.

With eyes set on the future, Roderick dreams of becoming a marine biologist, fueled by his deep love for the ocean. Guided by the mantra, "Autism doesn't define me; I define autism," he exemplifies self-assurance and determination.

Roderick faced a significant challenge with a language delay diagnosis in early childhood. From occupational therapy to kindergarten struggles, his journey led to an educational autism diagnosis in second grade. Access to ABA therapy initiated a remarkable transformation, enhancing focus, emotional control, and self-confidence.

Roderick's story inspires, proving that, with support, children with autism can flourish uniquely. Stressing the importance of early intervention and acceptance, his dream is to create an autism awareness exhibit, dispelling stigmas and emphasizing support for children, particularly in Florida's Black and Latino communities.

Beyond his journey, Roderick's unique talent shines—he can touch his nose with his tongue, a charming testament to embracing individuality. His remarkable narrative echoes the power of resilience and unwavering support, urging others to celebrate differences and recognize the incredible potential within every individual.

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