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Tai Thompson



The theatre community is abuzz with excitement over the remarkable talent of Tai Thompson, one of the most promising young female directors of color in the industry. Thompson's journey gained momentum after clinching the 2020 AUDELCO Award for Best Director of a Musical for her work on Sharon Fallon Productions’ The Dark Star from Harlem: The Spectacular Rise of Josephine Baker. Since then, Thompson has been tirelessly immersed in a variety of theatrical endeavors, spanning from immersive experiences to Shakespearean classics. Notably, she co-directed The Democracy Project at Federal Hall in NYC and has been actively involved in crafting new works, including the deeply personal drama 'A Chance for Redemption,' set in her hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Reflecting on her AUDELCO win, Thompson remarked, "While the nomination was a nod to the cast's hard work, winning validated the entire creative process." Now engaged in a spectrum of projects, Thompson finds herself facing new challenges at every turn. "Being part of the journey from concept to stage for 'A Chance for Redemption' is extraordinary," she adds. Drawing from her intimate familiarity with midtown Daytona Beach, the play resonates deeply with Thompson's own experiences, allowing her to breathe life into its characters alongside a talented ensemble.

My formative year’s home in Miami and Daytona Beach cemented my love of the stage and the arts and that’s what home is all about.

Hailing from New York, Thompson is a versatile artist, having garnered acclaim for directing the lauded Miami Motel Stories: North Beach in 2019. She was also honored with the Drama League's prestigious Director's Project Fellowship and participated in The Classical Fellowship for Directors of Color at the historic Old Globe in San Diego, California. Throughout her career, Thompson has lent her expertise to numerous productions across the United States, from immersive Cuban history experiences to site-specific performances in Miami's iconic motels.

A true polymath, Thompson's creative repertoire extends beyond directing. She has written and directed plays such as 'Not Quite Ripe' and is currently crafting 'Lucky,' a poignant exploration of love's complexities and its impact on communities. Alongside her artistic pursuits, Thompson continues to tread the boards, recently portraying Angie in the Essential Theatre's production of 'Err'thing Glitters Ain’t Gold' and actively participating in the developmental stages of 'A Chance for Redemption' with the New Professional Theatre of New York.

For Thompson, the stage is both a passion and a legacy, rooted in her upbringing between Miami and Daytona Beach. From her earliest performances in elementary school to her collegiate years at Florida State University, and experiences at Seaside Music Theatre and Bethune-Cookman University, Thompson's journey embodies the essence of home—where her love for the arts found its deepest roots.


1808 W International Speedway Blvd #301

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