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Sponsoring Cultuvue demonstrates your commitment to the community and support for local initiatives, fostering goodwill and a positive brand image. In return, you will gain visibility and exposure to a targeted audience attending the event, which can be strategically leveraged through marketing collateral such as banners, flyers, and social media promotions. This collateral allows your company to reinforce its brand identity, connect with potential customers, and build lasting relationships, ultimately contributing to your growth and success while enhancing the overall vibrancy of the community you serve. CULTUVUE IS A REGISTERED NON-PROFIT ENTITY (EIN 88-2226265) 501(c)(3). Sponsorship packages include the following:

CULTUVUE.ORG has an average of 1500 visitors per month during months of exhibition. Cultuvue™ Event Magazine distributes 5000 copies

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Be A Part Of The Transformative Impact of Sponsoring Arts and Cultural Education for Youth

While sponsorship opportunities offer substantial support for our cultural education initiative, we understand that budgets vary.

Your generosity is still invaluable, and we invite you to explore alternative donation options to contribute to the success of this event and the enrichment of youth education. Every contribution, regardless of size, helps us build a brighter future for the next generation.

Artful Inspirations 

These special evenings provide painting classes for youth of all ages. This sponsorship provides all necessary painting materials, including canvases, paint, brushes, and easels. The sponsor will be credited on all advertisements and at events.



Cultuvue aims to provide financial aid through partial scholarships to two graduating seniors to further their education. The scholarship's name will reflect the sponsor's name.


Class Tour Activity Prizes

Classes from various middle and high schools across Central Florida participate in activities during the tour experience. Prizes will be awarded to each winning participant.


Exhibit Welcome Banner

When exhibition attendees enter the venue, a huge welcome banner greets them. The sponsor's name will be printed on the banner indicating their contribution.


Become A Sponsor Today.

Sponsorship of our photography exhibition is an investment in the dreams and aspirations of the youth. By showcasing the inspiring journeys of those who have turned their dreams into reality, your support not only cultivates creativity but provides tangible proof that dreams are achievable. Join us in empowering the next generation with the visual narratives of success, turning aspirations into attainable goals through the lens of inspiration. Call 386-243-5532 today to solidify your partnership. 


Making A Difference

Empowering Youth Through Nonprofit Sponsorship.

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