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Claudia Fontaine, born on November 29, 1985, in Philadelphia, PA, is a woman of many roles and accomplishments. Married to her college sweetheart for 10 years, Claudia is grateful every day for the joy and stability her husband brings to her life. Their family is a source of immense pride, with three children radiating curiosity, compassion, and kindness, alongside a protective big sister.

Her educational journey led her to achieve a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Education from Walden University. Currently, Claudia serves as the Assistant Chair of LPN & CNA programs and an Assistant Nursing Professor at Daytona State College. In these roles, she ensures program efficiency, supports faculty and students, and actively engages in teaching Medical Surgical Content to aspiring nurses.

Claudia's career boasts notable achievements, including being recognized in the Top 40 Under 40 for Bethune Cookman University and raising over $6k as the top fundraiser, surpassing the $1k goal. Her passion for community service extends through her involvement in professional associations like Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, Inc, and the Organization of Associate Degree of Nursing.

To serve God through my hands, heart and mind while continue to grow and to inspire others (and make them smile).

Driven by a desire to serve God through her hands, heart, and mind, Claudia envisions continued personal growth and inspiration for others. Her core values of integrity, joy, love, excellence, and passion guide both her personal and professional life.

In 2022, when Claudia's home flooded during Hurricane Ian, it was a tough time for her. As someone who usually enjoys helping others, accepting help from others wasn't easy. Claudia had to learn how to welcome the support, money, and presence that people offered to her. It felt strange because she was used to being the one giving help. At first, it was hard for her to let others return the love she had always shared. A wise pastor explained to Claudia that it was her "reaping season" and that by refusing help, she might be blocking blessings for others. This experience became a turning point for Claudia, and now, she has made it a goal to guide and support other givers who may struggle with accepting help when they need it.

Community involvement is a cornerstone of Claudia's life, reflecting her mother's influence. From organizing meal deliveries to supporting educational and healing journeys, Claudia actively engages with Gamma Sigma Sigma and hosts annual service projects during Bethune Cookman's Homecoming.

On a lighter note, Claudia enjoys movies, with a recent triumph in a movie game at a bridal shower. Whether it's action, comedy, drama, documentary, or romantic films, Claudia finds joy in the diverse world of cinema, embodying her commitment to bringing smiles to people's faces.

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